Every 3rd Saturday of the month

$10 Donation = Up to 60 lbs. of Fresh Produce

If you don't need this produce for you or your family, your donation could be a wonderful gift for someone else in need.

MARCH MISSION OF THE MONTH -The Joseph Family of the Island of Dominica, West Indies.  Many at Celebration know Wayne Joseph, a former member who came to us from this tiny Caribbean Island to make a better life for himself.  While at Celebration, he sang in the choir, participated in Bible studies and taught Sunday  School.  Many of his family on Dominica lost most everything during Hurricane Maria and they have no Government help available.  We're raising funds to help him purchase building materials and necessities like basic pantry items, clothing and water.  He'll be going there to help them rebuild.

APRIL & MAY - ANNUAL WATER DRIVE FOR THE HOMELESS - Bring in cases of water beginning April 8.

JUNE - LUTHERAN CAMPFIRMATION - July 8-13 in Prescott.  No cost to the campers.  More information given during class.

Mission Opportunities